Level 4/5 Advanced Techniques


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WreckMaster’s Level 4/5 Advanced Techniques course helps operators develop the practical know-how and skills to execute complex towing and recovery scenarios with confidence. Take the course from start to finish to earn a certificate of completion.


Topics in this online course include WreckMaster’s 5-point protocol for staying safe and working efficiently; calculating resistance, including damage, mire and gradient resistance and weight transfer; anchoring; one-lane parallel uprighting; how to split and separate a tractor-trailer and tow a trailer; calculating a truck’s lift capacity; how to increase the working load limit of a winch using snatch blocks; and advanced scenarios involving uprighting, vertical lifting and jack-knifes.

Best For

This online course is perfect for tow operators with one to three years experience who want to learn how to tow and recover under more complicated and potentially dangerous conditions.


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