How to add operators to your group

  • From the TowMAX Academy homepage, click on “My Team” in the header.
  • Scroll down to the “Users” drop down and select “Add One” OR “Add Multiple” users.
  • Add the new opertors credentials, and click, “Add user”

* NOTE: Each operator must be entered with a different email address.

What will my operator receive?

After enrolling a new operator, the new enrollee will receive an email welcoming them to the TowMAX Academy training website. Their new login credentails are included in the email.

After visiting and logging into Towmaxacademy.com, the will need to click on:

“My Courses”, from there they can select the course they would like to participate in.

How to update my password

  • From the Navigation Menu, select the dropdown under “log out”
  • Click on “change/ update password”
  • Under “password” enter your new password & enter the same password under “confirm password”
  • Once complete, click “submit”
I forgot my password

  • From the Homepage, click on “log in”
  • Click on “forgot password”
  • Enter your email or username on your account and click “Recover Account”
  • Check your email. A password reset email will have been sent to you. Click on the link in the email.
  • Enter your new password and confrim. Click on “Reset Password”
How to print my training certificate

  • From the Homepage, click on “My Courses”
  • Click on the completed course you would like the certificate for
  • Click “download certiciate”
  • Click on the printer icon
How to print certificate for operator

  • From the navigation menu, click “My Team”
  • Click on the user status
  • Click on the cetificate for the training
  • Click on the printer icon
How to track training progress

  • From the navigation menu click “My Team”
  • Click on the user status
  • You can see each operators training progress in real time

Enroll Your Team

Schedule a time with one of our agents to discuss the TowMAX program.

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