Do You Qualify for TowMAX?

TowMAX Partners with:

  • Owners and operators who know training, safety and compliance affect operating and insurance costs, and want a team to focus on these factors together, not separately
  • Towers and Operators who are tired of dealing with a new insurance carrier every few years, and want to build long term partnerships.
  • Operators who are looking for a new way to attract the best talent.
  • Operators who want to make sure their employees and customers are safe, and want training to make that happen.

    Limited Distribution:

    The TowMAX Program incorporates a limited distribution model which means we have recruited the Top Towing Insurance Professionals in the industry for our clients. If you have any questions please contact Brian Tunge,

    Gold Standard

    TowMAX is committed to the towing industry because it was built by a team who has dedicated their careers to towers.

    TowMAX combines access to one of the country’s top rated insurance carriers with coverages designed from the ground up to fit the needs to towers and operators.

    The TowMAX Risk Control team has real life towing experience and can provide immediate advice on decreasing risk.

    TowMAX Service

    TowMAX produces best-in-class towers and towing operators a onestop solution for insurance, training, safety and compliance.

    We know excellence in safety and operations doesn’t happen by accident.


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