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What the Academy can do for You

Set you and your team up for success. The TowMAX Academy provides a comprehensive training program that prioritizes safety for both the tow operator and the public. Through this training, towing professionals can learn about the latest industry standards and regulations to reduce the risk of accidents and claims. 

 Additionally, the TowMAX Academy can help towing companies become more cost-effective by teaching best practices for equipment maintenance and management, leading to longer equipment lifespans and fewer repair costs. By investing in the TowMAX Academy, towing professionals can protect their equipment investments and reduce downtime due to breakdowns.

Reduce Claims

Protect Your Investments

Reduce Downtime

The partnership with WreckMaster, the industries #1 dedicated training company, further enhances the credibility and value of the training program. 

The Essentail Courses

These courses are a great tool to onboard a new hire, or just keep you and your staff up to date on the safety issues to look out for that plague our industry.

Monthly Safety Meetings

From tips & tricks to common blunders, these safety meetings will keep you and your team current on common damages and how to prevent them.

Official WreckMaster Tutorials

Completely FREE access to WreckMaster’s elearning catalog. Great for learning or brushing up on a specific skill.

The Academy

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